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Evaluations & Assessments:

If you are concerned about the development of your child’s language, gross or fine motor skills or social/emotional skills, the Special Learning Center can help.

Upon the request of concerned parents, physicians and/or other service providers, the Special Learning Center staff routinely conducts developmental assessments and evaluations. An assessment and/or evaluation are required before early intervention services can be provided by the Special Learning Center.

The assessment process from beginning (initial contact) to end (services being provided) takes a maximum of 45 days but usually less. The Special Learning Center makes every effort to complete the assessment/evaluation process in two weeks so services for the child can begin as soon as possible.


Developmental Assessment:

Conducted by a developmental specialist or therapist, the assessment provides an overall picture of the child’s development in a number of skill areas: gross motor, fine motor, self-help, social/emotional, cognitive and language. The assessment consists of a parent interview, observation and the completion of a standardized evaluation instrument(s). The assessment takes a maximum of two hours depending on the age of the child. If needed, further evaluation may be recommended in specific disciplines such as physical, occupational and/or speech therapy.


Therapy Evaluation(s):

Physical, occupational and speech therapy evaluations are conducted by a licensed therapist and provide a more comprehensive assessment of specific areas of concern. While the developmental assessment may indicate a delay in gross motor skills, for example, the therapy evaluation will take into account muscle tone, reflex activity, etc. involved in performing gross motor skills. A combination of parent interview, observation and standardized testing instruments are used in conducting the therapy evaluation.

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